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Rainbow Buttons

I've recently started upgrading old elevator buttons, with LED's, which makes them look great. I started with a rectangular one, for a button in our hackerspace. After that the challenge continued with a round version.

These are the original internal pcb's of both:

I've done quite a few iterations of the rectangular pcb, breaking some of the LED's or having other trouble. It has 4 addressable SK6812 RGBW LED's, in comparison to the default 4 orange ones in series. A 2x2 header on the back exposes 5v, ground, data pin and the button lead, which connects to ground when pressed. This is the finished frontpanel, a huge improvement in my opinion: Finished Rectangular frontpanel

After this, it was time for the round one.
This proved a bit more of a challenge, because of the limited pcb space, and getting the round shape. My first finished round button went into the mario box, and I only made pictures of the back and front, when it was already assembled. For our hackerspace's light switches, I decided to document the process a lot better. First got 2 square protoboards, by cutting with a boxcutter, and then breaking Then I made them round by cutting, filing and sanding, and drilled 2 holes to fit the button's plastic extruders. After that I fit the 4 LED's, and soldered them in place The button goes in the middle, and to fit the stem, I had to cut it a bit, and then add some hotglue Then I laid out the wires to connect everything. Because it fits better, the LED's are connected a bit unintuitively, like this: 2 1 3 4 Which has to be corrected in software.

Which gives the finished buttons: