A recurring thread on lainchan was always about a lainhaus, a place for lains. I got for a year, and provided free subdomains and static hosting. I didn’t feel like renewing it, and meanwhile Thufir acquired this domain. I’ve been hosting public services on there for a while now, for lains to use. Sort of like a digital lainhaus.

Part of the services run on my hetzner vps, and part runs on my homeserver, an old gaming laptop. My homeserver only has internet access through a wireguard tunnel to my vps, making it (nearly) indistinguishable from services running on my vps.
The vps also reverse-proxies most services, to ease domain routing. This nginx uses my ssl setup as a base for everything.
I don’t use docker (maybe I should though), and everything is launched through systemd to ease rebooting.
My services are free of charge, but I appreciate donations at my liberapay

I run:
Matrix for decentralized chat
Pleroma for decentralized social networking
Gitea for git hosting
Mumble for voice chat More info can be found on