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Hiding small images on 4chan

06/13/17 22:42:00

How to hide images that are too small for you on 4chan

Diagonal styling in CSS

06/12/17 15:58:00

Making diagonal lines with CSS

Git Notifications and Go Webservers

03/23/17 11:38:00

A webserver in Go that processes new git commits

Soundcloud Autoplay Script

03/22/17 23:33:00

Soundcloud Autoplay script in Golang

Telegram Bots

03/22/17 18:46:00

My Telegram Bots

Neo Matrix Client

02/12/17 14:41:00

A Console Matrix client written in Golang

Youtube Autoplay Script

01/06/17 14:51:00

Youtube Autoplay script in Golang

Game of Life Live Wallpaper

12/20/16 21:54:00

A Game of Life implementation for your wallpaper